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Handmade hors d’ oeuvres made

by chefs for chefs

Apricot Brie en Croute (200ct)

Artichoke Beignet (200t)

Assorted Mini Quiche (200ct)

Beef Skewer (200ct)

Chicken Skewer (200ct)

Coconut Chicken Tenders (200ct)

Crab & Asiago Stuffed Mushroom (200ct)

Dates Wrapped in Bacon (200ct)

Duck Pot Sticker (200ct)

Frank in Blanket (200ct)

Mini Beef Wellington (200ct)

Peking Duck Roll (200ct)

Ruben Springroll (200ct)

Saltimbocca Bites (200ct)

Scallop Wrapped in Bacon (200ct)

Scallops Wrap Bacon Paddle Skewer

Spanakopita (200ct)

Tomato Bisque Boule (60ct)

Vegetable Springroll (200ct)

*Please Contact Us for availability and to place orders*
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