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Hudson Valley Baking Company
Premium cakes, pies and tortes for over 25 years. Hudson Valley uses all natural ingredients, traditional baking styles,
and above all, finding the proper balance of
flavor and texture for their desserts


Blackout Mountain Cake (10"- 2/ CS)

Brown Betty Cake (10"- 2/ CS)

Carrot Cake (2/ CS)

Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake (10"- 2/ CS)

Lemon Mousse Cake (2/ CS)

Mississippi Mud Cake (10"-2/ CS)

Red Velvet Cake (2/ CS)

Tiramisu Cake (2/ CS)

Apple Crumb Pie (10"- 2/ CS)

Caramel Apple Pie (2/ CS)

Chocolate Pecan Pie (10"- 2/ CS)

Quadberry Pie (10"-2/ CS)

Southern Pecan Pie (10"- 2/ CS)

Boston Chocolate Cheesecake (10"- 2/ CS)
French Country Cheesecake (2/CS)
Pumpkin Cheesecake (2/CS)
New York Cheesecake (2/ CS)
Carrot Cake (24/ CS)
Chocolate Orange Zabaglione (24/ CS)
Chocolate Mousse (24/ CS)
Lava Cake (24/ CS)
Lemon Mousse (24/ CS)
Tiramisu (24/CS)
Chocolate Polenta Tart (11"- 2/ CS)
Key Lime Mousse Tart (2/ CS)
Pear Apple Tart (10"-2/ CS)
Raspberry Linzer Tart (11"- 2/ CS)
*Please Contact Us for availability and to place orders*
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