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Ground Beef

Nothing is as hot in the protein world today as artisanal blends of ground beef.  We at Indian Ridge have been creating quality ground beef for over 30 years.  We combine the “old with the new”.  Old-fashioned attention to detail and a passion to do things the right way.  Like a brewer to a craft ale…our grind masters are highly trained – but also have that “knack” for knowing exactly the blend that will produce consistent results on your plate.  Now the “new” aspect to our grinding program – while doing things the old-fashioned way is a badge of honor to us at IRP; we also know that food safety practices have come a long way over the years.  To that end, we test all in-house fresh grinds for E.coli in our own test lab.  We also verify our results with an outside laboratory. 


We utilize both USDA Prime and Choice full-muscle subprimals for our blends.  Premium steak trimmings add richness to our blends.  Our dry-aged  program even plays a part, with chuck shoulders being ground after spending 28 days in our separate dry-aged room.  Both bulk ground beef as well as a wide range of sized burger patties are available to you.  Special proprietary blends are also available to you…to give your kitchen a unique burger blend.


Old-fashioned quality and workmanship combined with the latest in food safety to give you peace mind.  You get the “best of both worlds” with Indian Ridge ground beef.

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