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Indian Ridge Logo
The backbone of our USDA labeled Indian Ridge Black Angus Beef program is our relationship with small, independent packers located in the Mid-West.  These relationships have been formulated over many years, and allows us to source quality cattle on a consistent basis; without the inconvenience of limited supplies.  IRA gives chefs the ability to serve better tasting beef than what is available from large-volume generic packers.  Small packers, who would be unable to meet quantity demands on their own, are grouped together under our IRA label.  This ensures consistent supply of premium product to your kitchen.  Consistent, tender, and flavorful beef that will set your establishment apart – that is what you can expect from Indian Ridge Black Angus Beef.
Silver Fern Farms
Silver Fern is our 100% Grass-Fed Black Angus beef line.  These cattle are pasture-raised and are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.  All feed is certified GMO free.  Although there are numerous grass-fed programs available to you – very few others offer true verified “breed-specific” Black Angus cattle.  The result is a great-eating steak that satisfies the growing needs of many of our customers and hits the mark as one of the hottest trends in the industry.  
PA Proud
“PA Proud” is Indian Ridge’s exclusive trademark label.  It encompasses all products and proteins that we source in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.  All of the proteins in this program can be “source-verified”… and many can be traced to the actual farm they are from.  We are in constant contact with local farmers to add to our local portfolio.  Beef, pork, poultry, artisanal cheeses, and other products are currently available under the PA Proud umbrella.
Royal Tide Salmon Company

Royal Tide Salmon Co.

Royal Tide Salmon Co. is IRP Food’s premium farm-raised Atlantic Salmon label. Our salmon are raised in the clear, cold waters off the coast of northeastern Canada. Here, natural tidal exchanges serve to circulate the water to ensure healthy fish and minimal environmental impact. The salmon are fed a diet rich in fish oils to ensure a high level of Omega-3 fat content, which makes for a healthier and better tasting salmon. Growth hormones are not used. Fish are shipped in the whole form directly to IRP Foods multiple times per week. All scaling and cutting are done in-house at IRP Foods in a “just-in-time” format — ensuring the salmon you receive in your kitchen is less than 48 hours out of the water.

Southern Straits Atlantic Salmon

Southern straits atlantic salmon

As close to Norwegian as you can get! It may be nearly 1,000 miles and a continent away, but the temperatures of the Chilean Antarctic are almost identical to those of the farming regions in Norway. And that’s just one reason why Southern Straits is able to produce the best-tasting and healthiest salmon in the world.

Prime Reserve Pork

Prime reserve pORk

Many chef’s today comment that commodity pork has become a difficult sell for their kitchens because of its lean muscle texture that tends to cook dry.  Indian Ridge has changed the game with our flavorful Prime Reserve pork.  While still in their “whole” form; pork muscles are enhanced with flavor rich pork trim which results in increased marbling.  This “prime-like” marbling keeps the pork tender and juicy even when cooked to higher temperatures.  Improved pork sales lead to increased profitability…and that goal is realized with Prime Reserve Pork.


Nello's Specialty Meats

Nello produces artisanal meat products locally in Eastern Pennsylvania in his USDA facility.  Bacon, smoked meats, sausages, and charcuterie are processed right on his farm.   Trained by a German sausage-maker for many years, Nello’s commitment to quality is evident from the start.  Starting with the finest protiens, Nello uses natural seasonings and casings that contain no BHA or BHT (binding agents).  Taste for yourself the difference of when products are made locally with pride and a deep passion for the craft.

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