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USDA Certified Organic

On September 17, 2018, Pennsylvania Certified Organic granted IRP Meat & Seafood Co. a Certificate of Organic Operation, which means our facility is certified to the USDA organic regulations, 7 CFR Part 205. 

What does “Organic Certification” mean and how does the process work?
The United States Department of Agriculture requires anyone who produces, processes, or handles organic agricultural products to be certified by a USDA-accredited certifier in order to sell, label, or represent their products as “organic" and use the USDA organic seal. To become certified, Indian Ridge Provisions had to develop, implement, and maintain an organic system plan.

Once our organic system plan was approved, Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) sent a qualified organic inspector to perform an on-site evaluation. Then, based on review of our organic system plan, inspection report, and related documents, PCO determined that our operation met the requirements of organic certification. We are now required to keep our organic system plan up to date and be inspected annually.

PCO’s certification program is accredited by the USDA for compliance with the National Organic Program. Certification is evidence of our operation’s adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production that involves the building and enhancing of the soil naturally, protection of the environment, humane treatment of animals, and avoidance of toxic synthetic substances.

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