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Dry Aged Beef

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Nothing quite matches the robust taste of dry-aged beef.  We at Indian Ridge are obsessed with offering the very finest and most authentic dry-aged beef available on the market today.  Many years ago, during the times of “hanging beef”; beef was transported by railroad from the Mid-West to eastern metropolitan cities.  During the travel time, beef would lose moisture.  This moisture loss would serve to concentrate the beef flavor, and also increase the tenderness qualities of the beef.  Nowadays, beef is no longer transported by railcar.   For approximately the last 40 years, beef has been broken down and vacuum-sealed in plastic packaging.  While this improved shelf-life and ease of transportation certainly has benefits, some feel that the “old-fashioned” beef flavor has been lost along the way.


Enter our Indian Ridge Dry-Aged Beef Program.  We built a separate meat locker, where conditions are ideal for the safe aging process of beef.  Temperature and humidity are controlled; as air is circulated in an even fashion around each beef muscle.  Ultraviolet lights prevent the growth of bacteria as the beef ages.  Each USDA Prime or Choice subprimal is hand selected and individually tagged with the aging start date in order to have complete tracking of the process.    


The moisture loss is real – and this can only happen with time. However, it is exactly this process that results in the rich, earthy taste of true dry-aged beef.  Allow Indian Ridge to help set your menu apart from the competition by offering authentic dry-aged beef. 

*Please Contact Us for availability and to place orders*
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