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Hotel Du Villge

Hotel du village

Coming from New York I wasn’t familiar with IRP when I first came to the Hotel du Village.  I had always used purveyors out of North Jersey but decided to try IRP out because the previous chef here had used them for a lot of his meat and seafood.  Here at the Hotel, and with all of Landmark Hospitality’s other venues, we have a strong focus on sourcing local product as much as possible, and IRP does a great job with that with everything from their Pennsylvania Proud Short Ribs to their Calkins Creamery cheeses.  On top of that, they’ve been sending me the best and freshest Halibut I’ve ever seen.  Being that we do all banquet business, and up to 5 weddings per weekend, I need to know that I will always have consistent, high-quality product, and have it when I need it.  With IRP I have exactly that. I’ll be a customer for life and now have four of our other venues also working with IRP.

Nick Paller

Executive Chef

Hotel du Village

Joseph Ambler Inn

Joseph Ambler Inn

I have been using IRP for over 10 years and cannot express how pleased I am with the overall experience I have had. Prompt service, responsive sales representative and of course great quality meats and seafood have helped me keep my customers coming back.


Todd Blackney

Executive Chef 

Joseph Ambler Inn

Steak Houe 85


I've been buying beef from IRP for well over a decade. The beef quality is unmatched, but for me the most impressive thing is the consistency. Knowing that I never have to worry about my specs being met allows me to focus on other areas of my business. This peace of mind is one of the driving factors that has allowed us to be so successful.

Brian Karluk

Steakhouse 85

BLDG 24 Kitchen & Bar

Bldg24 Kitchen & Bar

As the Head Chef at Bldg24 Kitchen & Bar in Wyomissing, PA, I am very conscious of what products I use and IRP always hits the mark and even go beyond! Their incredibly high quality seafood and meats allow me to produce dishes that my guests really enjoy. The selection and cuts that I want are always available and arrive right when I need them. The seafood is fresh and my guests are always excited when IRP clams come rolling in. Plus, IRP supplies me with delicious and unique cheeses that I can’t find anywhere else at the quality and quantity that I need. I’ve been using IRP for years and I’ll be using them for more years to come. I highly recommend.

Anthony Burrell

Head Chef
Bldg24 Kitchen & Bar

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